Inspiring Ideas from As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

If you are looking for a book that has great ideas about business, then you need to read As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. The book was published in 1903, and in it, Allen says that “A man is literally what he thinks and his character is the complete sum of all thoughts.” Most people believe that external factors shape their destinies and life adversities are a result of circumstances, fate or the evil plans of their enemies. However, the book challenges these beliefs by arguing that what you think is what you become. Although the book was written during ancient times, there are several ideas and philosophies you can borrow from it especially if you are in business.

Here Are Three Great Lessons from the Book:

What you do is influenced by your thoughts

The first argument Allen brings up in the book is that man is the sum of his thoughts. The same way tiny seeds grow into huge trees, it’s no different when it comes to human beings. A single thought forms the roots of your actions. Once you get used to these actions, they end up developing your character. Therefore, if you don’t have confidence in yourself when getting into a new venture, then chances of failing are very high. Since your thoughts shape your actions, you need to develop positive thoughts for you to change your actions and ultimately your character as well.

Be careful what you think since it likely to make you age faster

Did you know that your thoughts can make you age faster? Most people overlook the fact that their thoughts have a direct impact on their health. When discussing the impact of positive thinking, we usually think of priorities, affirmations, goals, etc. leaving out health.  Stress leads to lack of sleep, high blood pressure, migraines and aging of the skin. The books twist the phrase be careful what you wish for to; “be careful what you think about.” No matter the challenge you might be facing in business, always stay positive if you want to live longer.

Your thoughts and actions shape the world as much as it shapes you

You might think that external factors entirely determine the direction your life takes. However, the weather, the economy, the surrounding and many other factors don’t have total influence on your life. As much as playing the victim is easy for most of us, you can’t just neglect your ambitions and then blame the world for your failures. In real life, your thoughts and attitude are what leads to either success or failure in life.

Here’s a simple way to think about this concept: what you think about, you bring about. What you give your attention to in your thoughts is likely to be what you’ll see come to fruition around you. To put this into simple business terms, if you think and believe you can achieve and succeed, you will. If you think and believe that you can’t succeed, you won’t. Why is this? Because your dominating thoughts influence your actions, what you do and how you interact with the world around you. Look back at our review of Napoleon’s Hill’s Think & Grow Rich and you’ll see this important concept there as well.


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