Napoleon Hill’s “Keys to Positive Thinking.”

In the previous article, we outlined the book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill. We covered the 13 principles of success that create financial wealth when used together. Again, Hill formulated these principles after years of research with hundreds of the most successful, wealthy people he could meet with. So with Napoleon Hill, there’s always more great info waiting to be found in other books he’s authored.

Hill has another equally valuable text which we are going to break down in this article. This is Napoleon Hill’s “Keys to Positive Thinking.” He was the first American author to have a published work that was a culmination of a personal achievement philosophy. His books have inspired many of the authors and speakers today who specialized in personal development and personal success.


The book begins by describing PMA or Positive Mental Attitude. There are a few items in the introduction that the author promises to have the reader understand by the time that they are done reading this book.

  • There is a creative power within each of us that is God given.
  • Control over our emotions can be created to the aim of using them in a directed form for our own good.
  • Wrong reactions in our pasts to experiences and the negative views of them will fall away.
  • Fears have a destructive power over our creative mind and one can prevent them from over taking our mind.
  • A positive and good framework will help one to picture only good things.
  • Repetition of past failures will cease to be an issue and the past will remain in the past not to be repeated.
  • The strongest compelling desires and feelings will take us to what we seek in life.
  • PMA will be only used for good and never for bad as it can and will destroy life when used improperly.

These are just the basics of what Hill offers the reader in his introduction. The next chapter is on PMA and why it is beneficial. It starts with hope and tells the reader that this is the only foundation for moving in a positive direction. Hill describes PMA as the “I Can, I Will” philosophy. Having PMA means that you are happy with yourself. PMA is the sense about a person that allows them to attract the good into their life and to repel that which is negative. The habit of PMA must be so ingrained in one’s psyche that it is practiced always and becomes the natural way of thinking and being. He goes on further to ask the question of “Who you would ideally prefer to spend time with?” The choices are a gregarious, confident and outgoing person who is optimistic, or a person who is sure that a catastrophize awaits and is sullen, suspicious and pessimistic. This is the first basic example of this winning philosophy and way of being. Hill makes it easy to begin to convert to this way of thinking and behaving. Later in the chapter he discusses being a self-motivator and what that entails. He says that being a congruent person is the goal of this process. This means behaving in every experience in the way in which one says that they are naturally.

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