Skills You Need In Managing Your Employees

Managing a team is both challenging and rewarding when done effectively.

You have been operating your business for a few years, and after being a one-man-team, it’s now time to involve other human assets into your business. You know very well how to manage your business, and now that there are people working for you, you need to learn how to manage your employees as well. Remember that your employees are part of your workforce strength that can make or break your company. As a manager, here are some skills you need to be proficient in in order to manage your employees well:

Skills You Need In Managing Your EmployeesCommunicate and expressAs a manager, it is important that you are able to communicate to everyone in your team. Communicating doesn’t only mean conveying words to them, but also understanding their communication style, whether verbal or not. It also means learning to listen to what they want to say, and understanding their point of reference. Your eagerness to listen to what they have to say will make them more comfortable in voicing out their thoughts.

However, as a leader, you also should also learn how to express your own thoughts and feelings effectively. Running a business is no easy task, and as a manager you are flooded with loads of information everyday. It is imperative that you clear your mind first prior to expressing your thoughts and feelings, as this will give you time to say the right words and avoid conflict in the long run. Expressing your thoughts will also make your employees understand your expectations clearly.

Do not take things personally. Whenever there are issues raised by you or your employees, remember that these are work matters and not a personal attack against you. Address the issue and avoid finger pointing and blaming. If it is a recurrent matter, then all you have to do is find ways to address them again and again until it is over. Some self-reflection is also advisable as you will have to look into your managing style and compromise as needed. Do not forget that when you manage your employee, you are entitled to manage yourself as well so you can work better with them.

Influence your team. The world’s best leaders are known to influence people rather than coerce and use power over them. Most frequently, you will have to persuade your subordinates to agree with your ideas by presenting them its advantages. You also have to remember that you are an authority figure and people trust your judgment. As the authoritative power, you should be consistent with your ideals and principles. This will only help your employees understand the positive ideas that you have.

Collaborate with your team. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. You work with people you screened well because you want to delegate work to them. Proper delegation of tasks will not only make things easier for you, but will also provide you with essential inputs that you can use to improve your business. Provide them with tasks that you think are appropriate for their abilities, and your people will feel that you trust them. This will make them feel recognized and motivated to work better for your company.

Define working relationships clearly. While you need to be a people person, your employees should know the boundaries when dealing with your and their colleagues. Being friends with your subordinates will keep your relationship more positive, but remember that you are their manager and you have a business to take care of. Defining your relationship with them, your members will less likely take advantage of you. They will also behave more professionally. Another thing is that you should never have favorites. An employee may be better than the other, or may have outstanding work ethic than the other, but this doesn’t put him into advantage into having a more personal relationship with you. Other members will sense this and will start to distrust you for favoring some over them.

Ask for, accept, and give feedback. As a manager, you know very well your skills and abilities. This, however, doesn’t guarantee that you are free of mistakes all the time. Reviewing your tasks is an important step in keeping the quality of your business. Discuss the tasks with your members, give praise when needed, and give corrections as necessary, and listen to their commentaries. It is motivating for them to see their leader involve the members in important decisions for the company. You have to take note, however, that there are effective ways to give praises and reprimands as a manager. When giving praises and reprimands, it is a must that you specific, commenting particularly on what was done right or wrong.

Managing your people well will only help your company be stronger. A company is only as good as its employees, so as a manager, you have to take care of your employees as to keep your company going. The very essence of having good people managing skills to bring out the best in your employees every time they work for your company.

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