How To Devise An Effective Mission-Vision For Your Company

Having a mission is essential.

Running a business is not an easy task and it requires careful planning. Small business owners who start as one-man team usually plans out a very simple objective for their company, and that is for the business to thrive. However, part of your marketing strategy should include a clear, well laid out, and specific vision. Developing a mission-vision for your company requires meticulous planning and preparation because this will create an identity to your company and brand.

How To Devise An Effective Mission-Vision For Your Company

To be able to devise an effective mission and vision for your company, you have to ask few essential things:

  • What is your company? What does it do?
  • Why do you do what you do as a company?
  • How do you want people to perceive your brand?
  • What kind of business environment do you want to offer to your team members?
  • What kind of business opportunities and advancements do you want to offer to your clients?
  • What are you giving to your customers?

A good mission-vision for your company should answer most of these questions. This way, you will be able to create a more appealing identity to your target clientele. So how do you actually develop a good one?

You can start by thinking why should someone buy from you. When you are clear with why you think people should support your business, you can define how you are different from most similar companies. It will also give emphasize the good in your company, and why your client’s life is better when they support your brand. You have to trust that your business is above the average.

Now that you know why people would buy from you, you should also consider how you would want your employees to feel about being part of your team. What does your business offer your members? A company is only as good as its employees. As a leader, you have to set qualities that your employees will hold on to. You have to have general and specific goals for your employees to motivate them and make them work towards a common end point.

You also have to envision what you want your company to be in the next number of years. For example, a company that provides a house beautification services would want their brand to be know as the best in their specific field in five years’ time. If they want to provide the best supplier in carpet care, for example, then that should be included in their vision. If an educational institution wants to produce top rated academic articles published in different journal databases, then that should be the core of their vision. Imagining your company in the future will be easier if you know by hear what it does for your clients and your members.

When developing your company’s mission and vision statements, you also have to consider the geographical scope of your business. You don’t envision on providing the best carpet in the whole world in a span of five years, right? You have to be specific with the area that you can actually provide services for. This will give a sense of homage to your local clients so they will feel like they deserve your service.

There are a lot of well written mission and vision statement from know companies such as Starbucks, Nike, and Apple. You can try looking at those so you can start working on your own company’s mission and vision.

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