Top 3 Best Books To Read About Business

Recommended reads on and about business.

Successful entrepreneurship is something that is learned over time. You do not wake up one day and decide to start your own company, right? You plan, study, and research thoroughly so you don’t waste your financial investment. Even then, studying how to have a successful business is not a guarantee that it will actually turn out well. Aside from knowing how to put up your business, it is also essential to know the risks of the business. The following books are written to help you be more educated in entrepreneurship.

Business Book

1. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Shoe Dog talks about Phil Knight’s journey in putting up the global brand Nike. It is technically an autobiography about Knight, talking about his personal and professional struggles.

2. The Power of Broke by Damond John

Written by the founder of FUBU, Damond John, this book explains the advantages of starting up a company with very limited resources. John believes that limited capital to start up a business is actually a motivation to think more creatively. It forces an entrepreneur to be more intelligent and efficient in using his resources. This book focuses on how your creativity and passion is an important capital to help your business flourish.

3. Grit by Angela Duckworth

Grit, as defined by its author Angela Duckworth, is the tendency to put sustainable effort toward long term goals. The book talks about the power of being consistent on a vision and how it positively affects the entrepreneur’s mind. Duckworth discusses that the success of a business lies greatly in passion and persistence, and less on luck.

These books are all great reads for both rookie and seasoned businessmen. Thinking of starting your own business, you better get one of these books and begin self reflecting.

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